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International traffic can be as simple as moving one carton from the origin port to the destination port. On the other hand, it can be as complicated as arranging for packing of a complete factory and transport of components to three different countries with logistic control in a fourth country and payment of charges made in various currencies at a fifth country, while maintaining control and accountability at your headquarters office in a sixth country.

We offer multiple levels of handling, from transport for a one time sample of under a pound to simple transport of routine shipments from a set list of suppliers to triangle trade, with multiple consignees and exterior payment of charges.

In addition to the ability to move your merchandise, we offer the option of tailoring the service to your needs. If you have been offered "either/or" service, from other companies, we will be able to accommodate your needs and offer exactly the service that you want and need.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest level of service. This gives our clients the confidence to undertake more complex and profitable shipments. As the Global Economy becomes more competitive, more and more companies have discovered that return on investment can hinge on control of the smallest facets of their supply chain.

Our cost structure is based on actual services provided, which means you are not required to pay for services that aren’t needed. This means you can customize your costs to suit your level of involvement. More experienced shippers or consignees are not required to cover the cost of services that are duplicated by their own in-house departments, while shippers or consignees that wish to avoid the overhead associated with a maintaining an organization of transport personnel can take advantage of our knowledgeable staff.

Our staff and representatives understand that the only way to establish a long-term relationship with a client is to give them a value added service and provide them with an efficient, controlled and economical product. We extend this concept to transportation and give our clients the ability to take advantage of our strengths in a seamless and transparent operation. We can act as your shipping and receiving experts for almost all International movements, from suppliers factory to your customer's door.

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