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Import formalities can be a routine operation or a recurring nightmare. It all depends on preparation prior to the first shipment, as well as the professionalism and expertise of the U.S. Customs House Broker you select.

Most Importers will eventually discover that one small oversight can bring a multi-million dollar shipment to a dead halt, jeopardizing a customer which could potentially be the future of their company.

Unfortunately these same importers will either be unaware of this possibility or will assume that any company at the port of arrival can handle their import obligations with U.S. Customs.

Since U.S. Customs is charged with enforcing the collection of import duties; It is important to be in compliance with their rules and regulations. In addition, they are also responsible for enforcement of the regulations of other government agencies. If shipments do not comply, they can be held or even confiscated.

It becomes increasingly important to have control over your import/export facets. Economic policy is ever changing, making it more important than ever to have an expert handling your import/export obligations. We have been actively involved in U.S. Customs House Brokerage since 1963. When regular, predictable import/export handling is a must, you cannot afford avoidable delays. You must look to experienced professionals.

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